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“Yes, Chef”

Posted: 2nd January 2014 by Tammy in Grub, Travel
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Long ago I was married to a man who embraced a life of chaos, incredible food, comaraderie that rivaled that of combat veterans, and a continual quest for excellence – and by that I mean the restaurant world. Rising from lowly grunt in a tourist town eatery to apprenticeships at four star hotels and the […]

The Water Can’t Wash Us Away

Posted: 24th August 2011 by Tammy in Amigos, Sounds, Travel
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We all have days were we really have to reach deep to find joy. Music is where I can find it, no matter what. Today I was looking for some of that magic and stumbled across a song I hadn’t heard in a while: “Washed By the Water” by Will Hoge. It’s a beautifully written […]

Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

Posted: 13th October 2008 by Tammy in Sights, Thoughts, Travel

A few months ago Kristopher and I brought this beautiful thing home. It’s a 1979 MG MGB with a killer 35,000 ORIGINAL MILES on it. Unbelievable. So far we’ve just tooled around town, hitting places like the Gelateria and Pin Up Bowl – where we can keep an eye on it – and some random […]

Gone Going

Posted: 30th July 2008 by Tammy in Sounds, Travel