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Celebrating Autumn

Posted: 18th October 2012 by Tammy in Sights
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Is there anything more beautiful than the changing of the colors in autumn? It’s high time I make my way to the Japanese Garden at Missouri Botanical Garden, to see some of the glorious splendor draped on every branch. *Image found on

Little Things

Posted: 21st August 2012 by Tammy in Design, Sights
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Colleen Moore, a star of the silent film era, had a lifelong fascination with dollhouses and their furnishings. Her eighth dollhouse, now called the Fairy Castle, was imagined while on a cruise to Hawaii with her parents in 1928. Colleen’s father built it, making it even more special. Horace Jackson, a set designer Colleen had […]

Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues

Posted: 10th August 2012 by Tammy in Sights, Sounds
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Last weekend I finally got to check out Buddy Guy’s Legends in downtown Chicago, after three failed attempts over the past five years. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely! As we walked to the club, people were leaving Lollapalooza in varying states of inebriated muddy bliss. While I would love to have gone to Lolla […]

Pura Vida – Part III

Posted: 13th April 2011 by Tammy in Sights

Some things just never fit easily into categories but they’re pretty awesome in spite of – or perhaps because of – it. These photos are a pretty great example of that. This was a water taxi working the estuary between Playa Grande and Tamarindo Beach. Solid. No-nonsense. Gritty. Beautiful. A handsome woman who hangs out […]

Pura Vida – Part II

Posted: 11th April 2011 by Tammy in Sights

There’s something about big water that makes me feel like I can breathe. It’s just…home. Here are a few favorite images: surfers on Tamarindo Beach and a catamaran outing.