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I love meeting new people. Maybe it has something to do with being a Gemini, or maybe it’s because of the almost gypsy-like periods in my childhood, but I get a little restless when I haven’t met anyone new for a while. New ideas, new points of view, new music recommendations, new connections, new information…I […]

Blowin’ In The Wind

Posted: 29th October 2008 by Tammy in Eco, Marketing, Politics

Love Me Dead

Posted: 28th October 2008 by Tammy in Politics, Sounds

Over the last few months I’ve been rather bulimic in my approach to political/economic/environment news consumption: binge, then purge, do it again. I want to be informed, then I get inflamed (again) about everything that’s going on. I can’t stop listening. Ultimately I find myself anxious and overwhelmed by how little I can do and […]