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Posted: 28th October 2009 by Tammy in Hounds

After work today I continued searching for the components of my desired Halloween costume. Having exhausted the vintage store options and even some mainstream places like Target, I decided to brave Johnny Brock’s. For those of you who don’t have a Johnny Brock’s store, well….it’s a year-round costume shop but it’s also kind of like […]

25 Things – Inspiration

Posted: 14th February 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things, Family, Hounds, Nonsense, Sounds

2. My first original composition was written on the organ at the age of six. Topic? My grandfather’s beloved breeding beagles. I’d been playing some Beatles tunes but was distracted (yet again) by the baying that beagles do when they’re excited. Or upset. Or bored. Or hungry. Or happy. You get the picture. With my […]

Sunday Soundtrack

Posted: 20th November 2008 by Tammy in Hounds, Sounds, Thoughts

The high-speed chase hasn’t quite slowed down at work so I’m still slacking when it comes to the blog. I found an unpublished entry from July that I thought one or two people might enjoy, so hey, it’s a win/win! Here goes: Stout and Jake had an off-leash Team Dog! training session today; they were […]

Brotherly Love

Posted: 9th September 2008 by Tammy in Hounds

A few days ago Jake and Stout were having a blast wrestling and snarling at each other. Just as I was thinking how great it is that they play so well together, Stout decided to show the young punk who was boss. ‘NO HUMP YOUR BROTHER!’ is hard to say with authority while laughing. Yup, […]

Hot Diggity Dog

Posted: 30th August 2008 by Tammy in Hounds

Stout and Jake, my furry sons, make me laugh every day. How many people in your life can do that? Someone like Dane Cook, Greg Behrendt, or Chelsea Handler might be able to make the average person laugh every day, but most people just aren’t that humorous. Come to think of it, most comedians aren’t […]