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“Yes, Chef”

Posted: 2nd January 2014 by Tammy in Grub, Travel
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Long ago I was married to a man who embraced a life of chaos, incredible food, comaraderie that rivaled that of combat veterans, and a continual quest for excellence – and by that I mean the restaurant world. Rising from lowly grunt in a tourist town eatery to apprenticeships at four star hotels and the […]

Tastes Of The South

Posted: 7th August 2008 by Tammy in Amigos, Grub, Sounds

Every now and then I find myself doing a 180 degree turn on something completely unexpected. Today it was cornmeal. Having grown up in the south, I’m quite an anamoly for not liking the following cornmeal related items: cornbread, hushpuppies, fried fish, fried okra…it’s all part of the regional DNA. Just not for me. Tonight […]