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All Kids Are Born Rock Stars

Posted: 23rd August 2010 by Tammy in Eureka!, Marketing, Sounds

I’ve never been in the market for anything baby-related, but it’s like this product was made for me. I love it, so I share it with you, in hopes that some lucky infant will be spared having a pastel birth announcement adorned with ducks, bunnies and elephants. Ladies and gents, I present to you: Rattle-n-Roll, […]

Despite the average standard of living in North America, almost 750,000 people are living on the streets of America at any given time, plus 300,000 in Canada. Summer weather creates its own issues, but the serious (sometimes mortal) danger for homeless individuals is extremely cold weather. In Toronto, an alert is issued when the weather […]

Pick Your Granny

Posted: 1st April 2009 by Tammy in Eureka!, Family, Nonsense, Uncategorized

I’ve never been much of a hat person, primarily because my freakishly large head doesn’t really need anything else drawing attention to it. However, my mom has acquired quite the collection of hats over the last four months of chemo and radiation and is always looking for some interesting addition. I might have to get […]

Home Sweet Home

Posted: 17th January 2009 by Tammy in Design, Eco, Eureka!, Sights

I do love to be inspired by innovative thinking, aesthetically appealing design, and thoughtful solutions that are kind to the environment, and I recently ran across something that seems to fit ALL THREE of those categories! Check out this eye-catching housing design that purports to be energy efficient, cost effective to construct, and good for […]

Stepping Out In Style

Posted: 25th November 2008 by Tammy in Eureka!, Marketing, Sights, Thoughts

In one of the entrepreneurial newsletters I receive, I stumbled across a website that offers funeral processions drawn by motorcycles…kind of the dream for the Sam Elliot/Cher/biker crowd, I would imagine. Way to tap into an unserved market, guys! I’m quite envious of this one. Striking, offbeat, and definitely not humdrum. But soooo not for […]