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25 Things – Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Posted: 22nd March 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things, Nonsense

11. One of the wonderful things about being human is that there are so many facets to each individual’s personality. I’m currently having a difficult time understanding the darker facets of someone in my life. It’s a dilemna. How much Marilyn Manson does it take to overwhelm the Mozart, so to speak? I’m amused that […]

25 Things – Grumpy Bear

Posted: 4th March 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things, Thoughts

10. Most days find me pretty happy to trot around on this green sphere we call Earth, but sometimes I’m most accurately described as a very grumpy post-hibernation bear. Since it’s not a frequent occurrence, I think it’s kind of liberating to embrace the “grumps” of a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. The […]

25 Things – Mom Was First

Posted: 3rd March 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things, Family

9. My mother was the first woman to be featured on the cover of an oil industry magazine. It’s pretty unusual for women to work in the oil fields or on rigs today, but even more so in the 1970’s. That’s my mom, always doing her own thing. Sadly, we don’t have a copy of […]

25 Things – Pipes

Posted: 2nd March 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things, Sounds

8. While I can carry a tune well enough (late night jams do NOT count), I’d pretty much make a deal with the devil for pipes like Christina Aguilera, or an utterly distinctive voice like Macy Gray.

25 Things – On The Streets

Posted: 1st March 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things

After more than a week without internet access at home, two routers, and 66 minutes on the phone with tech support, I’m finally up and running with my brand new provider, AT&T. Woo hoo! I’ll try to post a couple of entries to make up for lost time. 6. Saint Louis doesn’t have many buskers, […]