• CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd.
    As the world’s leading manufacturer of sophisticated manufacturing for semi-trailers and specialty vehicles, CIMC vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 301039. SZ / 1839. HK) began manufacturing and selling semi-trailers in 2002 and has ranked number one in the world in terms of semi-trailer business since 2013.The Company engages in the manufacture, sales and after-sales market services of seven major categories of semi-trailers in global major markets. In addition, the Company is also a lead

    Enterprise culture

    • Enterprise Mission

      CIMC Vehicles is committed to becoming a world-class leading enterprise and a trustworthy partner in the semi-trailer and special vehicle industry

      ● Enterprise Spirit:?

      Self improvement and pursuit of excellence

      ● Core Values:?

      Integrity, customer achievement, development and innovation, continuous improvement, win-win cooperation and result orientation

      ● Mission:?

      Provide reliable and efficient vehicle equipment for global road transportation, and provide timely and professional life-cycle services

    Stock Information

    July 2019

    CIMC Vehicles


    July 2021

    CIMC Vehicles

    (301039.SZ) A + H

    Team Building and Corporate Governance

    Organizational Structure

    Social Responsibility

    Our Life

    • Businesses & Markets

      Production, sales, and after-sales service for 7 categories of semi-trailers worldwide.

      Competitive and innovative manufacturer of truck bodies for specialty vehicles in China.

      In China, CIMC Vehicles is a leader in the sophisticated manufacturing for van trucks .

    • Multi-Brand Strategy

      Operates Tonghua, Huajun, SCVC SAILING, Ruijiang Vehicles, Lingyu Vehicles, Liangshan Dongyue, and other brands in China.

      Operates well-known brands such as Vanguard and CIE in North America.

      Operates long-established brands such as SDC and LAG in Europe.

    • Sophisticated Manufacturing System

      13 "light tower" plants for manufacturing semi-trailers, 7 for manufacturing truck bodies for specialty vehicles, and 2 for xiangshilightweight van truck bodies in and outside of China.

      Numerous series of semi-trailer "product modules".

      Continues to work on comprehensively building and improving the "high-end manufacturing system".

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