Just Add Cello

Posted: 13th March 2014 by Tammy in Sounds
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Discovering new music to love is my most-loved passion, and any number of things can fuel the fire… A punk rock anthem that woos my inner riot grrrl. Lyrics that capture a moment more perfectly than has ever been expressed before. The four right chords that make me cry. A super-swank, ass-shaking bass line. A heartbreakingly beautiful symphonic addition to an otherwise rocked out arrangement (Remember my sort-of love letter to Smashing Pumpkins?). For me, it’s more about the something fabulous in that song rather than categorical love of a genre or artist. My latest find is 2Cellos, comprised of two Croatian cellists who break lots of boundaries. I’ll let some of their crossover work speak for itself, with their take on a few of my favorites:

Even Elton John loves these guys – he said, “I’ve never seen cello players play like this; I’ve got to have them in my band!” Elton John on 2Cellos.

Enjoy! I know I will.