Posted: 8th September 2013 by Tammy in Sounds, Thoughts
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Do you ever have a flash when ordinary life goes on pause and the disheveled, magnificent, screwed-up beauty of life is distilled into a slow-motion, love-letter-to-humanity moment?

I love those nanoseconds.

What’s even more amazing is that they can occur even in the midst of some of the not-so-great things that happen in life, like the end of a friend’s relationship, frustration with a loved one, or the anxiety of waiting for medical results. The fact that we’re united in our shared experience, and there’s hope and opportunity for renewal at every junction – that’s beautiful to me. Of course, I prefer the moments that come out of happy experiences, but regardless of their genesis, they’re all pretty damned near close to heart-stopping in their purity, clarity, and strength.

I was lucky enough to have several of those moments this weekend. Perfectly encapsulating those moments, tonight I heard two songs from Smashing Pumpkins, both of which have, for pretty much since the day they were released 20 years ago, always made me feel like I’m floating in space or the deep sea…which is (coincidentally) how I feel when those nanosecond love letter moments are happening. Serendipity.

Click to play “Luna.”

Click to play “Mayonaise.”