25 Things – Inspiration

Posted: 14th February 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things, Family, Hounds, Nonsense, Sounds

2. My first original composition was written on the organ at the age of six. Topic? My grandfather’s beloved breeding beagles.

I’d been playing some Beatles tunes but was distracted (yet again) by the baying that beagles do when they’re excited. Or upset. Or bored. Or hungry. Or happy. You get the picture. With my super-freaky-sensitivity to certain kinds of sound, this was driving me off the metaphorical cliff. As tortured moments sometimes do, this one spawned a musical gem: “Hark, Hark, The Dogs Do Bark!” I can’t imagine why it didn’t become an instant classic.

I don’t have any photos of Gramps with the hounds, but here’s a cool photo of someone’s grandfather, circa 1885. You know his neighbors just LOVED living next door to all the noise these guys created.