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25 Things – OHM(s)

Posted: 18th February 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things

5. I can read intricate electronic schematics, thanks to audio engineering classes a million years ago. Have I ever had to use this skill? Absolutely not. It’s rather like algebra now that I think about it.

25 Things – Retirement

Posted: 16th February 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things

4. I “retired” from writing songs many years ago. My style was something like Edie Brickell or Suzanne Vega and, well…do we really need any more of that? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

25 Things – Footloose

Posted: 15th February 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things, Design, Nonsense

3. Without exception, before I get into a hotel bed, I have to untuck the sheets. I’m not talking loosening, I mean thoroughly removing any vestiges of “proper” sheet handling. While science hasn’t developed a way to prove it yet, I know I’d spontaneously combust otherwise. I don’t have to worry about it at home […]

25 Things – Inspiration

Posted: 14th February 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things, Family, Hounds, Nonsense, Sounds

2. My first original composition was written on the organ at the age of six. Topic? My grandfather’s beloved breeding beagles. I’d been playing some Beatles tunes but was distracted (yet again) by the baying that beagles do when they’re excited. Or upset. Or bored. Or hungry. Or happy. You get the picture. With my […]

25 Things – Crucifixion

Posted: 13th February 2009 by Tammy in 25 Things, Nonsense

On Facebook there’s this “25 Things About Me” list going around that takes a bit of time to compose. I’ve been neglecting the blog lately due to a massive shortage of time, so I’m going to feed both beasts with the same content. I think I can manage one per day! Should you choose to […]