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A Sort-Of Love Letter

Posted: 29th November 2008 by Tammy in Sounds

Dear Smashing Pumpkins, The night before Thanksgiving I went with my friend, Derek, to see you at the fabulous Fox Theater with a curious mixture of excitement and trepidation. See, I liked Gish but I fell in love with your Siamese Dream. Then it all went to hell. But let’s start at the beginning… Pumpkin […]

Stepping Out In Style

Posted: 25th November 2008 by Tammy in Eureka!, Marketing, Sights, Thoughts

In one of the entrepreneurial newsletters I receive, I stumbled across a website that offers funeral processions drawn by motorcycles…kind of the dream for the Sam Elliot/Cher/biker crowd, I would imagine. Way to tap into an unserved market, guys! I’m quite envious of this one. Striking, offbeat, and definitely not humdrum. But soooo not for […]

More Dress-Up

Posted: 24th November 2008 by Tammy in Nonsense, Sights

Before Halloween I posted some photos of some pretty incredible body painting – arms only – as possible costumes. As it turned out, I didn’t do a darn thing to celebrate my almost-favorite holiday of the year, but it was fun to think outside the normal array of costume choices. Since then, I found an […]

Sunday Soundtrack

Posted: 20th November 2008 by Tammy in Hounds, Sounds, Thoughts

The high-speed chase hasn’t quite slowed down at work so I’m still slacking when it comes to the blog. I found an unpublished entry from July that I thought one or two people might enjoy, so hey, it’s a win/win! Here goes: Stout and Jake had an off-leash Team Dog! training session today; they were […]