Dawn Of A New Era

Posted: 8th September 2008 by Tammy in Sights

Many years ago in a land about 10 miles away, I was enamored with my manual camera and the creative freedom it allowed. Sadly, about a year after grad school, Webster U. got wise and stopped doling out darkroom time. After a period of mourning, I went through stop bath withdrawal (mmm…still love the smell!) and got on with life. Sure, I still took color photos, but sending film to Walgreen’s just wasn’t the same.

Enter digital cameras. They were convenient and all, but there was no creative control…just point and shoot, with whatever else the camera could be goosed to do. The only person I know who can make magic with a digital p&s is Christopher Gustave. Check him out. Really.

About a month ago I treated myself to something I’ve been wanting for a long time – a digital SLR camera. Behold, the convenience of a digital, the creative control of a manual. I love it! It’ll be interesting to see what I can make it do. Here are a few early attempts:

I grew this!

The patio umbrella stand.

Stay tuned – there’s more to come…